We offer a bespoke approach to every family kitchen 

At Lighthouse Kitchens, we know that each family is different. We celebrate uniqueness and offer every family a fully bespoke family kitchen to match your individual needs.


We do much more than just design, supply and install kitchens. We offer a complete interior design service for the whole space, which is what really matters in creating your desired family kitchen.

We will source the worktops, appliances, flooring, tiles, textures, lighting, colours, furniture, and finishes - you know, the bits that actually bring the family kitchen together!

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Our 6 Step Approach

1) Contact us
  • The first step is to get in touch with us via email or telephone to book a consultation with our family kitchen designer Jack.

2) We meet
  • We'll arrange a meeting so we can gather all your initial ideas to really understand how you wish to use your new family kitchen.

  • We have carefully created a list of questions to ask you, covering different scenarios on how you will use your new kitchen now and in the future.

  • We will take a detailed design brief from our conversation, considering all the elements of the family kitchen.

  • We will also discuss your budget and timescale for your project.

3) We plan
  • The most important part of the family kitchen starts here, space planning. We are passionate about making sure the layout of the kitchen works for your family.

  • Jack, our kitchen designer, will create some initial family kitchen designs that meet your family's specific requirements.

  • We can then arrange a meeting to show you the design concepts, gather your thoughts/feedback, and discuss the costs involved.

4) We design
  • We will then take the chosen design to the next stage by creating a full interior design concept. This will include worktops, appliances, flooring, tiles, textures, lighting, colours, furniture, and finishes.

  • We can arrange for any samples and colour swatches to be delivered to your home.

  • Once the design is complete, we will showcase the final family kitchen design in 3D photo realistic renders. We will also give you the chance to step inside your newly designed kitchen using our virtual reality headset to see how the space will look before it is even built.

  • Once everything is agreed and payment has been received, we will provide you with the full technical drawings, including floor plan, elevations and 3D photo realistic renders.

5) We manage and install
  • We will arrange a pre-installation site visit with our installer and Jack, where we will check all the technical details (you can also choose to use your own kitchen installer if you wish).

  • We will schedule your family kitchen installation, including all related works.

  • Work to install your kitchen will begin and we will manage all aspects of the installation, providing regular feedback. Jack will also be on hand for any questions and will make frequent visits to ensure everything is going to plan.

  • The final stage of the project is our sign-off meeting. We will meet with you to make sure that you are happy with everything and you are ready to start enjoying your new, beautiful family kitchen.

Before you sign on the dotted line we will create a 3D walkthrough of your kitchen. You can then use virtual reality to step inside your new kitchen before it's even built.

6) We care
  • Throughout the whole project, and even once it is complete, we are always available to support you.

  • After three months from the completion date, Jack will will call or visit to make sure you are happy with your family kitchen.

  • Our kitchens also come with te guarantee of quality. Once the intallation is complete, we will register you for your 25-year kitchen guarantee, whilst installation is guaranteed for 5 years.

GREEN Planet

For every kitchen we install, we offer you the choice of us planting a tree for you in your

"To walk into a renovated space that feels like home is priceless."

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